May 28, 2024
UPR Lebanon - Mid Term Report - Civil Society Report

Lebanon participated in the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) in Geneva in 2021and presented its report before the Human Rights Council (HRC) for the third time. Lebanon has received several recommendations and it is supposed to submit its Med term report in 2024.

The UPR process is a key mechanism for human rights accountability, including the midterm report, which is a follow-up and monitoring tool to assess States’ compliance with the recommendations received. 

Despite the lack of binding mechanisms, the report is crucial for determining the human rights status in the country. 

Over 30 civil society organizations in Lebanon, including national and regional networks, have formed a coalition to prepare the civil society Mid-Term report, which addresses the following issues: civic and political rights, economic and social rights, women's rights, refugees’ rights, Migrant workers, disabled persons’ rights, and environmental rights.

The report highlights the most prominent violations of human rights in Lebanon and presents the recommendations that should be taken into account. Thanks to the contribution of civil society, which is a key partner in enhancing human rights records and achieving sustainable development.

Focusing on the national context and aligning with the UPR mechanism, the report provides a unique platform for civil society organizations to address key issues and play a crucial role in shaping the collective future, andiIt seeks to enhance discussions on critical challenges, address gaps in the national response, reaffirm commitments to human rights standards, and amplify the voice of civil society.

Please Click here to read the full report

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