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Latest Updates

Mar 30, 2023
ANND Annual Report 2022
ANND Annual Report 2022
ANND Annual Report 2022 - please click here to download the full report or read the foreword belowForewordThis report documents ANND's activities in 2022, one of the most challenging periods that faced the region and the world.The past year saw a succession…
Mar 10, 2023
The Regional Civil Society Forum on Sustainable Development in the Arab Region
Feb 28, 2023
Climate change between disaster compensation and war financing
Feb 27, 2023
Yemen: The Repercussions of “No War and No Peace” on Socioeconomic Conditions
Feb 27, 2023
Enforced Disappearance: The luxury of environmental activism under the rule of arms
Feb 27, 2023
CPI 2022: Bahrain’s progress and the situation of Arab countries
Feb 27, 2023
Rising costs in Morocco lead to crisis
Feb 26, 2023
Arab Watch Report 2023: National Consultations on the Right to Health in Member Countries
Jan 04, 2023
Overview of the Health System in Sudan - Rawia Kamalaldin
Jan 04, 2023
2022 study week on macroeconomic, trade, investment and development policies

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