Sep 29, 2022
Neoliberal Illusions in the Arab Region - Mohamed Said Saadi
Mohamed said Saadi
Economist and Independent Consultant

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Mohamed said Saadi

Neoliberal Illusions in the Arab Region - Mohamed Said Saadi - Click here to download the book.

Introduction: Neoliberal Illusions

In this book, I will tackle the impact of neoliberal policies adopted by Arab countries on development and citizens’ economic and social rights. Through a collection of previously published studies, I will attempt to refute claims of neoliberalism’s positive impact, highlighting the repercussions of such policies on Arab economies in areas such as trade and economic relations, food security, growing vulnerability and the growth of informal work, and obstacles to accessing basic services under Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs).

Mohamed Said Saadi - Click here to download the book.

Table of Content

Introduction: Neoliberal Illusions

- Part 1: Neoliberal Illusions

- Part 2: Main Conclusions of the Studies

Chapter 1: RENEWED PARTNERSHIP or Perpetual Dependency?

- Introduction

- Part 1: Brief History of the Relations between the EU and SMCs

- Part 2: Critical Evaluation of Commercial and Investment Policies:

The Unkept Promises of the Euromed and ENP

- Part 3: The “Renewed” Partnership (or the New Agenda for the


- Part 4: A Limited EU Contribution to the Fight against the COVID-19


- Part 5: Lessons Learned from Current DCFTA Negotiations:

- Part 6: Conclusion and Recommendations

Chapter 2: Impact of Agricultural Policies on Food Security in the

Arab Region

- Introduction

- Part 1:Food Security Scope and Characteristics in the Arab Region

- Part 2: Key Features and Shortcomings in Self-Sufficiency Policies (1980-1950)

- Part 3: Structural Adjustment Stage

- Part 4: Trade Liberalization Policies Exacerbate Agricultural

- Part 5: From the Global Food Crisis to Arab Food Sovereignty

- Conclusion

Chapter 3: Neoliberal Policies and Informal Labor in the Arab


- Introduction

- Part 1: Neoliberal policies in the Arab World and the Influence of

International Institutions

- Part 2: The impact of external trade policies and investment on informal


- Part 3: The impact of macro-economic and privatization policies and

reforming State-owned enterprises to cope with informal labor

- Conclusion

Chapter 4: South-South Development Cooperation in the Arab


- Part 1: South-South Development Cooperation: Data and Conceptual


- Part 2: Arab Development Cooperation

- Part 3: Arab Regional Integration Experiences: The Case of the Arab Gulf

Council and the Arab Maghreb Union

- Part 4: The Possibility of a Hegemonic Tendency

Chapter 5: Towards a Critique of PPPs in the Arab World: The

Case of Morocco

- Introduction

- Part 1: Overview of Public-Private Partnerships in Morocco

- Part 2: Institutional and Legal Framework for PPPs

- Part 3: A Critical Evaluation of Delegated Management in Morocco

- Conclusion

Chapter 6: Impact of IMF Austerity Policies on Social Protection

- Part 1: IMF Responsibilities and their Impact on the Economic and Social

situation in the Arab Region

- Part 2: Impact of Current IMF Austerity Measures on the Social Question

in the Arab Region

- Part 3: The IMF and Basic Subsidies

- Conclusion

Neoliberal Illusions in the Arab Region - Mohamed Said Saadi - Click here to download the book.

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