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Internship is intended to provide students or recent graduates with the opportunity to apply what they learned to real world situations. ANND offers internships in an effort to provide college students from a wide variety of educational disciplines the opportunity to apply academic learning to actual work experience in an attempt to prepare them to become the workforce of the future.

ANND provides three different programs for students seeking to gain work experience in the RESEARCH AREA, under the supervision of ANND Program Director and Program/Project Coordinator. The interns will be oriented, mentored, supervised and evaluated on their work.

These research areas are:
Social and Economic Rights
Trade Issues
Social Policy and Millennium Development Goals.

Moreover, ANND provides different ADMINISTRATIVE, MANAGERIAL AND IT internships for those who are seeking experience in these areas.

ANND is committed to insure a qualitative experience that involves producing meaningful performances and skills that will enrich his/her work experience and feed on producing an autonomous, team work spirit. Interns will not be INVOLVED in menial tasks and will not be placed in positions that exceed their capacities or involve responsibilities that they are not capable of assuming.

Procedures for Internship at ANND
  • Qualifications of the candidate for internship
If requirements are met in one of ANNDs fields
Preference is given to applicants who are currently enrolled as students. Proficiency in written and spoken English is a must.
The internship period should not exceed 3 months. generally, each program can accept one intern at a time

  • Internship arrangements
She/he has to be responsible for all travel costs, including accommodation, daily expense, and travel during the internship. ANND will not provide any financial support during the internship
She/he has to discuss with and program manager and agree on the tasks and schedule before starting the internship
She has to agree to a terms of reference that 1) tasks to be accomplished during the internship and 2) skills to be targeted by the internship activities and tasks
She/he will be assisted with office logistics, including computer, internet access, and office supplies during the internship stay.

  • The candidate would have to meet the following criteria:
Must have junior or senior standing and be enrolled in a four-year degree program, or be enrolled in the last semester of a two-year degree program, or be enrolled in a graduate program or be enrolled in college level coursework and have special measurable technical skills.
Must have a letter of recommendation from an instructor at the educational institute they are currently enrolled.
Must have a current cumulative GPA of at least 2.5. (Student may submit copy of last grade report with cumulative GPA.)
Demonstrate strong verbal and written communication skills.
Have strong initiative and the ability to work independently.
Meet Department/Division specified qualifications.

  • Orientation and Training
All interns will be provided with the Employee Conduct/Behavior Expectation policies and will sign the policy acknowledgement form. They will be handed guidelines and procedures manual. HR manager/office manager will orient interns upon arrival to the organization. Orientation includes a tour to ANND Departments and an introduction to staff. The intern will be working with information on the history, vision and work of ANND and its program activities.

Candidates for internship positions are required to fill the online application, send a CV and a cover letter to the following email address at any time: [email protected]

If applicants satisfy the set qualifications, the CV and cover letter will be forwarded to ANND related department for screening.

The successful applicant will be notified and requested to contact the department head for a brief interview.

Foreign interns will be provided with supporting documents for visa (if required). ANND does not hold the responsibility of arranging accommodation or travel details for interns.

The internship terms of reference will be provided to the intern upon his arrival.

The successful applicant is required to fill up a monthly report on progress of his/her work.