Feb 26, 2024
Regional Meeting for Civil Society on Sustainable Development

The Arab NGO Network for Development in collaboration with the members of the Regional Sustainable Development Platform (ATUC, CAWTAR, HIC-HRLN, ARFPD, ANDE, CAWTAR and TI) organized the "Regional Meeting for Civil Society on Sustainable Development - On the Way to the Summit of the Future" on March 4, 2024 in Beirut. Click here to read the concept note and agenda.

To read the outcome document of the meeting please click here, in addition, to read the statement of civil society organizations please click here.

And you can watch the sessions below:

Opening Session 1 - CSO Regional Metting 2024: Dr. Moustafa Barghouti

Opening Session 2: Roberto Bissio - CSO Regional Metting 2024

Opening Session 3: Ziad Abdel Samad - CSO Regional Metting 2024

Session I: Peace, Human Rights and Sustainable Development

Session II: Fostering Social Justice as the Cornerstone for Sustainable Development

Session III: Questioning partnership for sustainable development amid restrictive policies and lack of accountability and inclusion

Session IV: Navigating Climate Realities: Global Commitments and Future Imperatives for the ARAB Region

Closing Notes: Regional Meeting for Civil Society on Sustainable Development

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