Jan 24, 2013
Position Statement
Position Statement
A Call of Civil Society Organizations from the Arab Region and International GroupsAgainst Diverting the Revolutions’ Economic and Social Justice Goals throughconditionalities imposed by the IMF, WB, EIB and EBRD
Jan 22, 2013
Universal Periodic Review: ANND's statement on Israel's postponement
Jan 16, 2013
Letter to the President of the European Council
Dec 11, 2012
Statement of Solidarity with Civil Society in Palestine
Dec 10, 2012
Statement of Solidarity with the Tunisian General Labor Union
Dec 10, 2012
The Assassination of Freedom Fighter Chokri Belaid
Sep 01, 2012
Policy Position Presented by Delegation of Civil Society Organizations visiting the EU Institutions
Jun 12, 2012
Letter to EU Ministers of Environment
Jun 07, 2012
Letter from the Arab NGO Network for Development to EBRD President
May 05, 2012
Overview And Suggestions For Improving Key Areas In Us Foreign Policy Towards The Arab Region : A Civil Society Perspective
Apr 02, 2012
Proposed Model for Consultations between the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and Civil Society Organizations
Mar 05, 2012
Democratic Transitions and the EU ‘Deep and Comprehensive FTAs’ with MENA countries: A Possible Backlash?
Feb 29, 2012
Letter from the Arab NGO Network for Development Commenting on the Technical Assessment Reports of Egypt and Tunisia