May 03, 2022
Tunisia Spotlight Report

Tunisia Spotlight Report - Click here to download the full report.


In response to the political developments of July 2021 in Tunisia, and the steps taken by the President on 25th July, 2021 the Tunisian Association for Democratic Women (ATFD) co-founded a dynamic working group, called Dynamique Feministe (DF). This collective consists of a wide range of associations from around the country concerned with the rights of women, equality and social justice, who came together to work on a common message/response to the social, political and economic reality of Tunisia. After a number of meetings and workshops, the Memorandum was finalised and presented in a press conference on 30 August. This document contains a response to a range of important political, economic and social issues that require addressing in the upcoming political developments in Tunisia, following the “state of exception” imposed by the president. Following the presentation of the Memorandum, ATFD began co-organising a group of meetings amongst the newly formed coalition with the aim of building on the newly achieved momentum a national dialogue surrounding the key concerns of DF.

Click here to download the full report.

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