Dec 05, 2022
Bailing out on rights: The high cost of an IMF deal in Lebanon - Olga Jbeili
Olga Jbeili
Economic Researcher

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Olga Jbeili

Bailing out on rights: The high cost of an IMF deal in Lebanon - Olga Jbeili

ANND's Senior Researcher - Olga Jbeili - developed in partnership with The Center for Social Sciences Research & Action (CeSSRA) this policy report analysing the winding road towards an agreement between the IMF and Lebanon, since the request of the government for IMF support, going over main conditions required by the IMF and their high social cost. The report critically highlights the risks of adopting one-size-fits-all austerity measures - as suggested by the IMF - and argues for the necessity to adopt a more integrated approach to the diagnosis of the crisis, and recovery and reform plan, beyond mere financial and macro-economic indicators. It concludes with recommendations tailored to the Lebanese context.

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ANND and CeSSRA invite you to attend a webinar on the 13th of December at 3:30 PM to launch the paper entitled “Bailing out on rights. An evidence-based discussion on the high cost of an IMF deal in Lebanon”. Executive Director Ziad Abdel Samad will discuss the main outcomes of the paper, which was developed by ANND’s Senior Researcher Olga Jbeili as the lead author. To confirm your online attendance please click here.

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