Feb 14, 2024
Annex to ANND Strategy 2024-2025

Annex to ANND Strategy 2024-2025

ANND Strategy and review process: The four-year strategy (2020-2023) developed by the Arab NGO Network for Development (ANND) in 2019 is grounded in a comprehensive set of strategic directions and goals, which emanate from collective discussions, thorough analyses, and evaluations. Its primary objective is to enhance the effectiveness and sustainability of ANND's organizational structure, programs, and activities, emphasizing institutional effectiveness, openness, innovation, good governance, and integration.

In 2022, ANND embarked on a rigorous assessment and consultation process for the midterm review of its four-year strategy. The outcomes underscore a recommendation for the continuity of the existing strategic plan and its five objectives, forming the global and comprehensive directions for the network.

During the in-person annual General Assembly (GA) members meeting held in Beirut, Lebanon, in March 2023, discussions centered around proposed changes and adaptations to ANND's four-year strategy in response to contextual shifts and the emergence of new priorities. These modifications encompass institutional and organizational changes, the incorporation of new thematic priorities, and refined directions for policy processes.

The details of these proposed strategic changes and directions are meticulously outlined in the accompanying document, serving as an annex to ANND’s four-year strategy, extending its scope until the year 2025.

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