Oct 04, 2017
ANND policy briefs on IMF country reports 2017

During the IMF/WBG Spring meetings that took place in April, 2017 in Washington DC, the Arab NGO Network for Development ANND convened a panel discussion aiming to improve the World Bank and IMF’s influential economic policies in five Arab emerging markets (Egypt, Lebanon, Tunisia, Morocco and Jordan) by featuring the facts, analyses and recommendations included in the recently released “Articles IV” and “Request for Extended Arrangement under the Extended Fund Facility” reports and reacting to them from a rights-based and social justice perspective. These five national position papers were thus presented there in addition to a regional brief building on a thorough review of the latest MENA Outlook and Monitor, which triggered a deep discussing and brought up many necessary reforms as depicted in the research outcomes. These papers have, since then, been updated according the discussions and the latest changes.

Download reports:

Lebanon: Lebanon’s prospects: Economic impasse or opportunity for reform? Nabil Abdo Download
Egypt: Policy Brief on Egypt’s IMF and World Bank Loan Programs. Salma Hussein​ Download
Tunisia: Tunisia and IMF: transitional injustice. Jihen Chandoul​ Download
Jordan: The International Monetary Fund and World Bank Intervention in Jordan. Ahmad M. Awad ​Download
Debunking the Myth of a Changing IMF: Unpacking Conditionality in the Arab Region Post-Uprisings​. Hassan Sherry Download

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